Guidelines for Ornaments and Bears

To give back to the community, we have two programs to help local organizations. Our members make ornaments all year round and at Christmas, a tree is put up at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center. Children and their siblings are allowed to take ornaments home with them. We also make stuffed bears for local women’s shelters. The following are guidelines to follow when making ornaments or bears to donate.

Ornament Guidlines

When you make ornaments for the kids at the hospital please make them child friendly.  We prefer that they be unbreakable and don’t have anything on them that a child could chew off, swallow and/or choke on, i.e. no googly eyes, etc.

Bear Guildlines

Please make sure the bears you turn in are well made and durable.  They will be well loved and need to be able to be machine washed and last.  Stuff them well, they should not be floppy.  Keep in mind that Polyfill fluff settles as it wears.  They need to make it through all the hugs and washes.