The Meghan Newman Memorial Scholarship Program

We offer scholarships to Torrance Unified School District’s high school seniors. The scholarships are open to Torrance High School seniors interested in the area of arts and crafts, including graphic arts, ceramics, sewing, painting, drawing, woodworking and much more. Scholarship awards vary from $250 to $1000. Applications for the scholarships go out to the TUSD high schools in January and are awarded in May at the guild’s annual officer installation and scholarship award program.

Here are our 2021 scholarship winners:

Sandy Youssef: West High – Field of Study: Industrial Design and Product Design
Art Scholarship Type: Visual Arts

Jiyi Tae:  West High – Field of Study: Psychology
Art Scholarship Type: Visual Arts

Here are our 2020 scholarship winners:

Lily Mihailovic – West TCG Member **** Degree: Art in Design 
Cynthia Ge – West HS *** Degree: Math and Economics Double Major 
Gabriella Patterson – South HS ** Degree: Fashion Design 

Here are our 2015 scholarship winners:

From left to right: Meghan Newman, Scholarship Chairperson
Yidan Yuan, Bishop Montgomery High School, sculpture and drawing/sketching
Michelle Kim, West High School, sewing
Belen Ruan, Torrance High School, wire sculpture/wire jewelry

For 2014 we will be awarding 3 scholarships to three students:

Kana K. Yamanashi, West High School – Ikebana (Traditional Japanese Flower Arranging)
Rachel E. Cordill, West High School – Sewing (Dresses)
Angela K. Bang, North High School – Art Portfolio (Painting, Ceramics, Sewing)
The awards ceremony will take place on May 8th in the Ken Miller Auditorium at 7 pm.

In 2013 we awarded 3 scholarships to:

Katriana Peterson  (ceramics)
Taryn Foley            (dress making)
Sarah Goeppner     (ceramics)

All are students of Torrance High School.

In 2012, we were pleased to provide scholarships to two graduating Torrance High School District seniors.

Derek DeLosAngeles with President Kathy Davis

Lisa Wang with president Kathy Davis

In 2011, scholarships were provided to four seniors.
Hirauldi Lopez-Romero (ceramics)
Soodam Lee (graphic arts)
Marcela Tobar (pastry)
Amy Jung (fashion)